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Boy Scout Troop 755
(Clamtown, Pennsylvania)
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About Troop 755

The Clamtown school house has had a troop in it for many years. Troop 154 started having their meetings in the old school house in the 1950's. It was several years after Troop 154 dissolved that Troop 755 was established in the 1970's.

Presently, we have approximately 18 scouts with 8 leaders: Committee Chairperson, Chrystal Hodon: Scoutmaster, Robert Knowlan: Finance, Ann Marie Helsley: Secretary, Margie Ahner; Assistant Scoutmasters, Cathie Miller, Daniel Miller, Bubby Tyson, Daniel Tyson and Erik Resch; Advancements, Daniel Tyson. Our Chartered Organization is the West Penn Youth Center Corporation with Erik Resch as our Charter Representative.

We try to offer a variety of events to keep our scouts busy including: an annual Haunted House fund raiser for earning their way to Hawk Mountain Camp in the summer, one big camping trip (rafting, hiking, bicycling, historic walks, etc...), bowling nites, day hikes, biking excursions, Amusement parks, winter camping, laser tag and much more.

We are very community oriented by participating in Road Clean-up each spring, helping our area churches with different service projects, participating in the local parades for memorial day, helping to collect food for the local Salvation Army, cleaning up around the recycling bins at the township building, and helping clean the West Penn Park in the spring. us for more information, every boy between the ages of 11 and 18 are welcome.

Troop 755 is one of the Boy Scout Troops in the
 Black Rock District of the Hawk Mountain Council of the Boy Scouts of America.