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Badges & Insignia

Whena boy first joins Cub Scouting, his uniform will display only thosebadges that identify his status: the World Crest, the national flag, hiscouncil strip and his pack number. As he progresses, the Cub Scout willearn badges, pins, medals, and other insignia that tell of hisaccomplishments in Scouting. These items should be added to the uniformonly after they have been earned.

World Crest

Thispatch is worn by all Scouts and Leaders to signify membership in theWorld Scouting Movement and to show brotherhood with millions of Scoutsaround the world. This patch is worn centered above the left pocket inthe middle between the top of the pocket and the shoulder seam.

United States Flag

Mostuniforms come with the flag already attached to the right sleeve. Somepreviously used uniforms may have it taken off but additional ones canbe purchased. The Boy Scouts of America emblem over the right pocket isalso attached to uniforms when purchased.

Quality Unit Award

Thisaward is given to units who have met a list of requirements and is wornon the right sleeve of the uniform. The top of the award should beplaced 4" below the top of the American flag. Only the Quality UnitAward for the current year may be worn on the uniform. 

Journey to Excellence

Scouting’sJourney to Excellence is a new performance recognition program that isreplacing the Quality Awards Program beginning in 2011. The programprovides a framework for evaluating a pack in areas such as advancement,leadership and service projects. Performance is recognized as variouslevels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

Council Patch


Thispatch is worn by all Scouts and Leaders to indicate the Council thatrepresents their pack. Each Council develops their own design althoughthe shape and position on the uniform are the same. Our Council is theNorthern Lights Council. This patch is worn on the left sleeve justbelow the shoulder seam.

Unit Numerals

We are 566


This patch isworn by all Scouts and Leaders to signify membership in a pack. Youwill see two versions of this patch: a one-piece patch or the packnumber can be made up of two individual numeral patches that are sewn onnext to one another. Unit numbers are worn on the left sleeve justbelow the council patch.

Den Number Strip or Patrol Emblem

   Thispatch indicates the number assigned to the den for which a Scout is amember. Webelos Scouts (and Leaders) who’s den has chosen to use aPatrol Emblem for identification would wear the Patrol Emblem instead.There are numerous emblems available, however not all packs assign a dennumber or emblem. These emblems are worn on the right sleeve directlybelow the American Flag.

Badges of Office and Training

AllCub Scout leaders wear round cloth badges of office on the left uniformsleeve, centered directly below the pack numeral. All are goldembroidered on a dark blue background with a gold border except theCubmaster emblem, which has silver embroidery and border.

Trained Leader 

WhenCub Scout leaders have completed Fast Start and basic training fortheir position, they are eligible to wear the Trained Leader strip belowthe badge of office on the left uniform sleeve. 

Rank Badges

Thefollowing patches are worn on the uniforms of Cub Scouts from Tigersthrough Webelos Scouts. These patches are Rank Badges and are earned asthe Cubs progress through the various ranks in the pack.

Bobcat Badge

This badge is the first badge earned before any other badge can be earned. It is worn on the left pocket.

Tiger Cub Badge


TheTiger Cub badge is for boys who have completed all 15 parts of the fiveachievements, that is, five family activities, five den activities, andfive Go See It outings. It is worn on the left pocket.

Wolf Badge

This badge is earned by boys who have completed the 12 Wolf Achievements. It is worn on the left pocket. 

Bear Badge


Toearn the Bear badge, a boy must complete 12 of the 24 specifiedachievements. He can select the ones he wants to do from four differentgroups: God, Country, Family, and Self. It is worn on the left pocket.When all four badges are earned, they are worn to from the Rank Diamond.

Webelos Badge

TheWebelos rank is the first step in a boy's transition towards a BoyScout troop. Webelos only wear the current badge of rank. Those who havenot earned the Tiger Cub rank may wear all rank badges earned with thediamond shaped Webelos badge on the left pocket. The oval badge is worncentered on the left pocket, with no other rank badges. 

Webelos Activity Badges and Webelos Colors

Webelosactivity badges are sorted into five discipline-related groups:Community, Mental Skills, Outdoor, Physical Skills and Technology.Activity badges can be displayed on the front of the Webelos cap or onthe Webelos Colors. The Webelos Colors are worn on the right sleeveimmediately below the US Flag.

Compass Points Emblem and Compass Points


Afterthe Webelos badge, the compass points emblem is awarded after earningseven activity badges: four more in addition to the three earned for theWebelos badge. Wear the compass points emblem attached to the button onthe right pocket of the Webelos uniform shirt. After earning thecompass points emblem, a metal compass point is earned for each fouradditional activity badges completed. Pin the compass points on theemblem in the "E," "W," or "S" positions, in any order.

Arrow of Light

Aftera boy has earned his Webelos badge, the next step on the Webelos trailto becoming a Boy Scout is earning the Arrow of Light Award. This is thehighest award a Cub Scout can earn and is the only Cub Scout badge thatcan be worn on the Boy Scout Uniform. It is worn centered below theleft pocket. 



Service Stars


Goldmetallic numbered star is worn to indicate years of service inScouting. Only the current year service star is to be worn on theuniform, placed above the left pocket. 



Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award


TheCub Scout Outdoor Activity Award may be earned in each program year aslong as the requirements are completed each year. The pocket flap patchwill be awarded the first time, which is to be worn on the right pocketflap of the uniform shirt. Each successive time the award is earned, awolf track pin may be added to the flap.

National Summertime Award

Boysmust participate in at least 3 Scouting activities during the summer(June, July and August) to qualify for the individual NationalSummertime award. The pin is worn on the flap of the right pocket (notethat the outer color of the pin differs by rank). If the OutdoorActivity badge has been earned, the pin is to be worn on the badge. 

Recruiter Strip


Thiscloth strip is presented to boys for recruiting another boy into theprogram. This is worn by Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts centered, below,and touching the right pocket. 

Onlyone temporary patch in addition to the immediate recognition (Tiger CubTotem or Progress Towards Ranks) or Compass Points emblem may be wornat a time. Below are examples of other temporary patches: WorldConservation, Good Turn for America and Leave No Trace. 

World Conservation Badge

TheCub Scout World Conservation badge consists of a giant panda on aviolet Scout trefoil with violet trim and gold background. The emblem isearned by completing various requirements as well as a conservationproject and is worn as a temporary patch, centered on the right pocket.This award can be earned only once while a Cub Scout. 

Good Turn for America


GoodTurn for America is a collaboration between the Boy Scouts of Americaand the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross andother community organizations. The three main issues addressed are:hunger, lack of adequate shelter, and poor health. Scouting for Food isan example. The emblem is worn as a temporary patch, centered on theright pocket. 

Leave No Trace


LeaveNo Trace is a plan that helps Scouts to be more concerned for theenvironment and protecting it for future generations. The messageencourages people who spend time outdoors to behave in a way thatminimizes the impacts to the environment. After completing certainrequirements, the patch is worn as a temporary patch, centered on theright pocket. 

Academic and Sports


TheAcademic and Sports Program is an optional program for all Cub Scoutsthat contains a variety of academic subjects and sports activities.Scouts earn belt loops and pins for completing various requirements,which can be done on their own, at day camp, or with their den or pack. 

Belt Loops

Beltloops are awarded to boys who complete three specified requirements inan academic subject or sport. Academic belt loops are gold, and Sportsbelt loops are silver (except for the Archery and BB-gun Shooting beltloops, which are copper colored). Belt loops are worn on the scout belt.Pins are awarded to boys who choose to continue their involvement in anacademics or sports area and earn the pin by meeting the appropriaterequirements. Pins are worn on the Cub Scout Academic and Sports letter,a large Blue and Gold  "C". 

Activity Segments - Cascade Pacific Council

* Click here for a printable PDF *

Scout Patch Vest


TheVarsity “C” letter can be placed on the Scout Patch Vest, with theacademic and sports pins placed on the letter. Metals from derbies orother activities can also be pinned to the vest along with other patchessewn on. This includes various temporary patches, such as Day Camp orother council sponsored event patches. Recall that only one temporarypatch can be worn on the uniform at a time. 

For further guidance on the proper placement of badges and insignia, see the BSA's Uniform and Insignia Guide orsee the attached uniform inspection sheets. For more information on thevarious rank requirements as well as the Academic and Sports Belt Loopand Pin requirements, see the Advancements page on our website.

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