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Cub Scout Pack 101
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Volunteers Needed

What makes Scouting special?

You do!

And, leading the way are our Leaders. They are necessary for the Pack to function and run successfully. These individuals help run Pack meetings, plan advancement, select events and activities, determine policy, and mostly help create a program to help our Scouts along a trail of advancements.

Note, Pack Leaders are typically parents of Scouts. As the Scouts advance and eventually graduate out of the Pack, so do the Leaders. So, if a position is currently filled it may open up soon.

Review the listing below and decide how you can help out.

Cub Scout Pack 101 Leader Positions

Cubmaster: Joe O’Connor
The Cubmaster conducts pack meetings and plans the Pack program with the help of other leaders. Works with the Pack Committee Chair to recruit adult leaders.  Guides, supports, and motivates, inspires other adult leaders. Makes sure Dens are functioning well. Helps to organize Dens and encourage graduation into Boy Scouts.  Establishes and maintains good relations with Scout and Charter Organization leadership. Conducts induction and advancement ceremonies. Provides coaching to other leaders and promotes training of adult leaders. Establishes and maintains good relationships with local Boy Scout Troops.


Assistant Cubmaster: OPEN
Assist the Cubmaster. Be prepared to assume the job of Cubmaster when necessary. Supervise Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders. Work with Pack Committee on recruiting and new Scout registration. Promote religious emblems programs. Perform Uniform inspections.


Pack Committee Chair: Bill Dawes

Guiding the Pack’s business and running the monthly planning meetings, the Pack Chairman also approves bills for payment and the budget for the Pack. Works with the Cubmaster and Chartered Organization Representative to ensure that the responsibilities of the Pack Committee are being met. Finds Pack meeting place, sets policies in accordance with Scouting and chartered organization, assists with charter renewal, provides encouragement to leaders, and is responsible for background checks of leaders. Organize, plan, and budget for a quality year of Scouting. Processes annual re-chartering forms.


Popcorn Kernel: Bruce Hensel
Popcorn Chair, or “Kernel,” needs a few stars by his or her name, as this individual is the organizer for the annual Popcorn fundraising event. The Popcorn Kernel  manages the event and communicates the program to leaders, parents, and Cub Scouts. The Popcorn Kernel establishes prizes and deadlines, distributes forms, orders and distributes popcorn, and reports results back to the Pack. As our only fundraising event, enough can’t be said about what the Kernel does for the Pack with this position.


Pack Treasurer: Andrew Ondracek
Keeps the financial records. Establishes a Pack budget and maintains Pack bank account. Arranges signature authority. Collects dues. Reports periodically on Pack’s financial condition and warns of impending problems. Provides and keeps records for petty cash.  Prepares registration report and secures fees. Maintains an up to date roster for the Pack.

Den Leaders:

 Tiger  OPEN
 Tiger  OPEN
 Joe  Dinkel
 Webelos I
 Mike Falco
 Webelos I
 Webelos II

 Webelos II

A Big Job! Organize den program for year in alignment with the Pack Program, which will be following the Program Helps Guide. Attend Monthly Committee Meeting. Establish program of regular recognition. Track achievements and report to Awards Chair. Coach and train Den Chief. Encourage participation of den parents. Assist and coach den parents and other adult leaders. Lead den in participation in Pack meetings. Lead by example.

Activities Coordinator: OPEN
Encourage participation in Pack events. Identify and promote community service projects. Publicize and promote pack activities inside and outside of pack. Promote Cub Scout roundup and other recruiting activities. Promote and communicate district council activities to pack. Cub Master is responsible at the events. Below is a condensed list of Pack activities. New events occur each year!

  • Bingo with Seniors
  • Pinewood Derby
  • Blue and Gold Dinner
  • Spring & Fall Pack Campouts
  • Summer Camp & Day Camp
  • Bowling
  • Chicago Wolves Hockey Game
  • other events

Awards Chair: OPEN

Track awards. Understand Cub Scout awards and advancement plans. Plan and conduct induction and awards ceremonies. Promotes den activities and recordkeeping, encouraging awards, the Awards Chair also orders badges and insignia from local council service center using Awards Report.


Advancement Chair: OPEN
Track advancements. Understand Cub Scout and Webelos advancement plans. Plan and conduct induction and advancement ceremonies. Promotes den activities and recordkeeping, encouraging advancement, the Advancement Chair also order badges and insignia from local council service center using Advancement Report.


Chartered Organization Representative: John Masek
Serves as liaison and representative between the Pack, District, and Council. Assists in re-chartering. Identifies and promotes the use of council and district resources. The Chartered Organizational Representative (“COR”) is our formal contact with the Chartered Organization. The chartered organization “owns” the Pack and it is the intent of the structure that the leadership positions are an administrative arm of the chartered organization. The COR is a voting member of the local BSA Council and District committees. As such, the COR represents the Pack on these committees.


Pack Trainer: OPEN
Keeping them up to date as the Leader’s Trainer! The Trainer ensures that leaders complete Youth Protection, Fast Start, New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific training. The Trainer encourages participation at monthly roundtables and fosters the purpose, policy, and procedures of the chartered organization and Boy Scouts of America. The Trainer is the first line of information for the Den Leaders.


Webmaster: OPEN
Creates and maintains the Packs website.

All Cub Scout Leaders must fill-out an Adult Leader Application.

All Cub Scout Leaders should take appropriate Online Training Courses.

All Cub Scout Leaders must take the online Youth Protection Training.