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Trail's End Popcorn Sale

A Scout is Thrifty!

Popcorn sales are our pack’s major fundraising event of the year.  Our Scouts are not just selling snacks, they are selling the BSA program, they are selling character development, and they are selling a better community.  For every $1 earned through popcorn sales,$0.40 stays in the Pack 606 for the benefit of our boys, $0.30 stays within the local Gulf Ridge Council to support our local BSA camps and programs, and $0.30 goes to BSA national.

You can view the selection of popcorn and snacks at:

If you are a visitor to this site and are interested in purchasing some yummy Trail’s End popcorn or snacks to support our Scouts, please see the “CONTACT US” tab on the left of this Web site and we will send a young salesman to your door to practice his sales skills.  We also have online purchasing available. 

If snacks and popcorn is not your thing, you can send popcorn to deployed troops through silver, gold, and platinum donations that are tax-deductible.  This is a great way to participate in RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) Fridays and you don’t even have to mail it yourself!

Camp Card Sales

Each spring our Scouts participate in the Council’s CampCard Sale.  Our pack earns a 45%commission ($4.50) for each $10 Camp Card we sell. The rest of the money goes to pay for the card and support the Council Camps and programs offered.  With the money the pack earns, it will help send our boys to summer camp.  Summer camp is generally $145 per Scout.

Community Partners

Several companies have offered a generous one-time discount that makes the sale of this card a no-brainer. By using just one tab, it covers the cost of the card!  There is well over $100 worth of savings if all the tabs are used!


The Camp Card represents opportunities to Scouts and value to the community.

We’re Selling Camp, not just Discount Cards

Each card sold helps a Scout go to camp. The reason our sale will be successful is that people want to support Scouting.

Interested in helping?

If you are a visitor to this site and are interested inpurchasing a Camp Card to help send a Scout to summer camp, please see the“CONTACT US” tab on the left of this Web site and we will send a young salesmanto your door to practice his sales skills.