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Cub Scout Pack 422
(Crockett, Texas)
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Pack 422

Cub Scout Pack 422 is made up of boys and their families from Houston County. Our program depends entirely on the planning and participation of parents who makeup the leadership of the Pack and help support activities throughout the year.

Pack 422 consists of several small groups of about five to ten boys called “Dens.” Boys are grouped into Dens by grade level. The collection of Dens is called a “Pack.”

In a pilot program, recently begun by the Boy Scouts of America, Kindergartners and their adult partners are able to form a Den called“Lion

What is a Den?
A Den is a group of boys in the same grade or age group.  There are six types of dens:

  • Lion (K)
  • Tiger (Grade 1)
  • Wolf (Grade 2)
  • Bear (Grade 3)
  • Webelos I (Grade 4)
  • Arrow of Light (Grade 5): Boys in the Arrow of Light program take part in more challenging experiences, such as overnight Den camping with parents, which helps them prepare to enter Boy Scouts at the end of fifth grade.

What are Den Meetings?
Den meetings/outings are a time for fun and adventure. Dens are led by a team of adult volunteers - the den leader and assistant den leader(s).Den leaders are usually adult family members of boys in the den. Dens may have both a meeting and an outing each month depending on the leaders' planning.

What is a Pack?
A Pack is the combination of all five types of Dens. It provides a structure which allows scouts to experience a graduated program.

How often do Cub Scouts meet?    
Most of the Dens of Pack 422 meet on Tuesdays. Some Dens meet every week; some every other week. Please contact your Den Leader for the days and times your Den meets. 

Pack Meetings occur about once a moth. The meetings are usually tied into an event such as Fall Fest, award ceremony, cake auction, Pinewood Derby, or Cub Scout graduation.

What do Scouts do at these meetings?
Den Meetings are about learning new things, having fun and working on projects and accomplishments to be presented at the Pack Meetings. At least two adults are required to be present at each Den meeting,which should generally be the Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader. If your Den does not have a designated Assistant Den Leader, your Den Leader will need your help to serve as an assistant during the year.  The Den Leader chooses the  date and time of the Den meetings. For Lion and Tiger dens, each child is required to have a mother, father, or other designated adult with the boy at all times.

Pack Meetings are a time to recognize the scouts for their accomplishments during the month and to have fun with the entire family. Pack meetings are for all the boys – all Dens–  and their families. We encourage the whole family to attend the Pack meeting; we expect at least one parent will attend each Pack meeting with his or her Cub Scout.Pack meetings will be announced well in advance.

What does Cub Scouting offer my son?

  • Cub Scouting offers fun and adventure; it is a unique program that is virtually unparalleled.
  • Challenging activities that promote character development and physical fitness.
  • Service projects, ceremonies, games, and other activities guide boys through the core values and give them a sense of personal achievement.
  • Through positive peer group interaction and parental guidance, boys also learn honesty, bravery, and respect. 

Several times a year, we try to have planned special events and outings. In the past, these included a “Fun and Son” at Camp Pirtle, a fall and spring hike, USS Texas sleepover, Caldwell Zoo sleepover, Family Camping sleepovers, Fall Fest, fishing tournament, and Cub Scout graduation.You and your entire family are encouraged to participate in these events whenever your schedule permits. Some of these events require advance registration and an additional fee. Details will be announced at Pack meetings,listed on the Pack website calendar, or you can contact your Den Leader or Cubmaster for further information.

Boys may join Cub Scouts at any age. For example, they do not have to have been a Wolf to join a Bear Den. Each Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Den has an adult Den Leader and an Assistant Den Leader or other adult helper who plans the Den’s activities. These leaders are themselves parents of boys in the Cub Scout program and they depend on the support and assistance of all the other parents in their Dens. All the Dens together form a Pack.